Takeaway mealAssignment: design takeaway food packaging for one meal.

Food and beverage packaging used by fast food chains, beverage companies and consumer brands manufacturers are one of the most typical forms of packaging that can be seen strewn in the streets or blemishing ocean beaches.

Too little of fast food packaging is presently recycled and many of the materials used don’t biodegrade or are fossil material based.  It has been estimated that only 9% of the plastic ever produced globally have been recycled. When polystyrene and other plastics end up in nature, they break into tiny pieces which are difficult to clean up and are mistaken as food by animals. The world needs more recycling and more sustainable alternatives that at the same time ensure consumer safety and food hygiene.

When designing please consider how to improve on, use renewable materials and make recycling easier. A fast food package, for example a sushi box, has to be able to carry moist and greasy food which sets requirements to the material used. Material purity, hygiene, product safety and protection are important. Think outside the box.