1st Prize Winner
Stretching Inner Part
Iiro Numminen
Project description

This corrugated cardboard inner part allows variable sized products to be packed in the same inner part without the need of bubble wrap. The inner part ensures that the product stays attached to the package while transportation.

The idea of the inner part is based on triangularly cutted areas. Each corner of the area is attached at the tip of the triangle of the adjacent area, thus forming a unified “triangle network.” (see picture_1) This ornamental shape pattern allows the surface to bend convexly while retaining part of its rigidness.
This fabric-like but rigid surface can be used as a replacement for bubble wrap when packing objects. Like bubble wrap, this surface conforms to the appearance of the product and keeps the product in place.

To pack the product in this inner part you simply push it to the triangular surface.(see picture_2) Product will sink in the surface and the package can be sealed.
The best protection and opening experience is created when the product is placed between two inner parts so that the product is floating in the center of the package. (see crosscut picture_3)
Unlike bubble wrap, the triangular inner part has added value in its beautiful structure. Therefore, this inner part would be particularly suited for packaging of luxury products.
Because of its versatility, an identical inner part can be used to pack various types of products. No need for custom inner parts.

– replaces bubble wrap
– beautiful
– scalability
– easy to manufacture

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What the jury members say

John B. Mahaffie

Futurist, Co-founder & Principal Leading Futurists LLC
In this age of e-commerce, protecting products in the most sustainable way possible is critical. This design enables a single material to take up that role, in an approach that seems endlessly adaptable. It is at once of great utility and highly aesthetic.

Marianne R. Klimchuk

Professor & Chair at Communication Design Pathways Department Fashion Institute of Technology
The winner has the potential to impact the paperboard packaging industry with a design solution that serves to protect the product while enhancing the consumer experience.
Student Winner
Dry food
Playing nature
Alessandro Grossi
Project description

Playing is a primary need and knowing what we eat is essential, too.

Children will eat a yummy healthy snack (dried fruit and nuts), using a resealable packaging and they’ll play with the puppets that are already cut from the box. The images (representing animals eating) will prompt the children to think about the link between food and nature, they will be free to imagine an unlimited number of wonderful adventures with these puppets.

An eco-friendly designing should try to achieve the best efficiency regarding energy and materials (the shape of the box allows to maximize the puppet area and to minimize the scraps) but the real goal is to educate the users.

This project simply aims to change the world.

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Honorary Mention
Wild card
Plastic banning toilet roll
Jeroen Caelen
Project description

Plastic banning

As most plastics aren’t biodegradable, they tend to accumulate in the environment. It is possible to recycle plastics however the recycling process is complicated. Leftover garbage near the streets don’t decompose and end up in the ocean killing thousands of fish and other animals. Our main objective is to try to ban plastic in daily used products which do not require barriers. This lead us to the toilet paper packaging which can only be bought in plastic.


The new toilet paper packaging will have an hexagonal tube design out of recycled cardboard which functions as a toilet paper roll holder. A tear strip is added to open the packaging and to take the toilet paper rolls out of the holder one by one. The tube will be steady, also after the tear strip has been opened. A minimal amount of adhesive is used in this design because of the closing mechanism.


The main advantage is that cardboard is fully recyclable. Because it will be used for a non-food application, migration will not be an issue. This holder will look more ecological than conventional toilet roll packs and will be more functional because it can be used as a toilet roll holder. This packaging can be customized depending on the target group, an eco-look or a luxurious print which makes the holder stylish in every bathroom.

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Honorary Mention
Moisture Face Creme Cosmetic Package
Abdullah Cam
Project description

We choose the category cosmetics, because there is a lot of potential for the usage of paper for the real product containing package and not only as an additional overpack for the real product in a plastic or glass package.

The paper package is combined with a plastic inside, that contains the creme, so it is not necessary to coat/laminate the paper with a plastic foil, because without these coating it is easier to recycle.

The little plastic box is resealable and with three flaps in slits with to the paper package attached.

We reduced the package amount from two (product package and overpack) to one package and make this one printable with all the necessary consumer information for the product.

The package is also stable enough to re-use it several times, so you can keep the paper package and buy only the sealed refills of the creme.

With this solution we can reduce the overpack/secondary package and reduce the usage of plastic to a minimum, for a valuable paper package.

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Honorary Mention
Pawel Krawczugo
Project description

TWIST is an inconspicuous but functional packaging intended for the cosmetics industry and other industries. The photos show a toothbrush. The packaging can be used in many applications, especially to pack small cylindrical objects, such as mascaras, eyeliners, and various types of applicators.

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