The Brief

Packaging is what a consumer sees first, even before the product. The best packaging solutions serve a practical purpose, yet also carry a story and communicate a brand’s values. The world needs billions of packages every day and alternatives that reduce environmental impact, and reflect brand values, are becoming ever more important. We invite you to innovate solutions that are not only better for consumers but are better for the world as well.


Packaging design to deliver better consumer experiences with less environmental impact for some of the most frequently used consumer products. Choose to design packaging for; food products, e-commerce, cosmetics or other consumer goods of your choosing. See specifications here. (link to “Specifications” further down the page)

A jury of world renowned influencers in packaging and design will choose up to 10 entries to be shortlisted. After the first selection by the jury, the participants with shortlisted work will be asked to deliver physical prototypes of their designs. If needed, Metsä Board can supply guidance and materials from its range for this purpose. This issue will be addressed with the designers, after the shortlist has been announced.


  • The main material used shall be paperboard or other material that is sustainable, renewable or recyclable.
  • The use of other materials such as metals, plastics, glass, etc. is allowed when complementary, structural or incidental to the above. However, the use of mono-material is preferred.
  • All designs presented shall be new, not having been commercialised or published prior to the date of the contest.


All digital submissions must be made by using the submission form on the Better with Less – Design Challenge website. Digital submission must contain: 

  • Description (min. 100 words) outlining the inspiration and benefits of the concept. 
  • Up to 6 photos/illustrations on white background. 

The following material can be submitted by the participant (optional):

  • 3D visuals 
  • Creative video (max. 30 MB) presenting the concept.

The competition language is English.

Key factors

Aesthetic of the package (shelf appeal when seen for the first time)

Product protection (package protects the product throughout the logistics chain) 

Sustainability (use of renewable and biodegradable materials, material efficiency, material savings, recyclability, reusability) 

Ergonomics / Functionality (is the package easy to store, hold, open and close?) 

User experience / Human interaction (emotional connection, storytelling, unboxing experience) 

Mass production and commercial feasibility (convertibility, scalability, packing and logistics efficiency, commercial potential) 

Degree of Innovation (application of a new idea, creative use of an existing idea, principles from other industries/techniques)

The use of logos

For legal reasons, you’re not allowed to feature an existing brand in your design. If you want to include a brand logotype in your design, please design one yourself or use the Metsä Board logo provided


Better with Less - Design Challenge Logo

Feel free to use this logo type in your design

better-with-less-logo-blue.zipzip-file, 1mB