The 2022 Challenge - Better with less


Consumer behavior has heavily shifted towards on-line consumption and home delivery services, which the pandemic has only accelerated. The amount of waste generated is also rising drastically. We need to reduce waste by changing the way we consume and use packaging and by designing for easy recycling or purposeful reuse.

We believe in using recyclable materials from renewable sources and design that improves the experience while decreasing the use of resources and waste.

We are challenging designers to redesign consumer packaging for a future where a positive consumer experience leaves zero waste through a circular economy.



1 – Zero Waste Convenience


Delivery services, eCommerce, Takeaway food & drink

The popularity of eCommerce and home delivery services has led to a growth in the amount of packaging materials and waste. How can packaging design improve convenience while facilitating recycling and decreasing the use of resources and waste? What does the future of circular delivery packaging look like?


2 – Zero Waste Experience


Cosmetics & Wellbeing, Electronics, Fashion, Food

Climate change and plastic pollution are imposing increasing pressure on brands to deliver on their sustainability promises. At the same time, they want the packaging to provide distinctive consumer experiences and interaction with the brand. Beautifully crafted consumer packaging may come with a heavy environmental impact. How can we simplify packaging solutions without sacrificing aesthetics or function? Can we reinvent packaging for a zero-waste unboxing experience?


3 – Zero Waste Wildcard


Anything goes

For the designs that answer to the challenge, but do not fit under Convenience or Experience. We want to discover innovative designs for all types of packaging that have circularity in mind. Something you only dreamed about? Something that can change the way the world looks at a piece of paper? Something that can revolutionize household recycling?

Key factors and considerations

  • Product protection (package protects the product throughout the logistics chain)
  • Sustainability (use of renewable and biodegradable materials, material efficiency, material reduction, recyclability, reusability)
  • Ergonomics / Functionality (is the package easy to store, hold, open and close?)
  • User experience / Human interaction (emotional connection, storytelling, unboxing experience)
  • Aesthetic of the package structure (visual appeal when seen for the first time)
  • Communication design (clarity of any on-pack design or communication)
  • Mass production and commercial feasibility (convertibility, scalability, packing and logistics efficiency, commercial potential)
  • Degree of innovation (application of a new idea, creative use of an existing idea, principles from other industries/techniques)

Specifications for entries

All digital submissions must be made by using the submission form on the Better with Less – Design Challenge website. Digital submission must contain:

  • Description (max. 1500 characters) outlining the inspiration and benefits of the concept.
  • Up to 6 photos/illustrations on white background.

The following material can be submitted by the participant (optional):

  • 3D visuals
  • Creative video (max. 30 MB) presenting the concept.

The competition language is English.


Use of logos

For legal reasons, you’re not allowed to feature an existing brand in your design. If you want to include a brand logotype in your design, please design one yourself or use the Better with Less – Design Challenge logo provided.

Feel free to use this logo graphic in your design if want to add an example of branding:

Enter now

Who will innovate a better packaging experience with less impact on the environment?

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